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@K:Assessing Sustainability of Forest-based Activities in Rural Areas of the Northern Periphery@T: This project will investigate options for improving the sustainable use of forest resources in selected regions of the NPP area using an innovative sustainability impact assessment tool (ToSIA) and applying it in regional development and business from two perspectives: First, public bodies engaged in regional development strategies will employ the tool in a multi-stakeholder setting to explore better sustainable development scenarios in the region.
01.06.2008 - 31.05.2011
Norsk prosjekteier:

Fylkesmannen i Nordland

European Forest Institute, Finland
Mr. Marcus Lindner
+358 10 773 4300
Øvrige partnere:
Forestry Centre of North Karelia , Finland
Forest Research (The Research Agency of the Forestry Commission), Scotland
Swedish University of Agricutural Sciences (SLU), Department of Forest Ecology and Management, Sweden
The County Governor of Nordland, Department of Agriculture, Norway
2. Sustainable development of natural and community resources
i. Environment as an asset in the periphery
Natural resources (forestry, hunting, mining), raw materials, alternative use of natural resources
Aim & Objectives:
ToSIA stands for Tool for Sustainability Impact Assessment of the Forest Wood Chain and it analyses the sustainability of production processes in the Forest-Wood Chain in terms of social, economic and environmental sustainability indicators. The ToSIA concept has been developed in the EFORWOOD project financed by the FP6 programme, and this NPP project tests and develops the tool applications with the aim of adopting the tool for use in the whole NPP area.

The project implementation is based on close cooperation between research, public bodies and forestry businesses. Implementing partners i.e. regional development and forest sector bodies test and apply the Northern ToSIA tool for their functions in North Karelia Finland, in Norrland Sweden, in Scotland and Helgeland, Norway.

Expected Outcomes:
The project will bring a new decision support tool into use for assessing and enhancing the sustainability impacts of the forestry sector in the NPP area. The ToSIA tool has been developed in the EU R&D programme and this project will enable its customizing for practical application in planning and reporting of e.g. regional development organizations and the forest industries in the NPP area.

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