Smart Cities

Smart Cities aims to create an innovation network between governments and academia in six countries to promote excellence in the domain of e-services (development and take-up) in order to set a new standard for e-service delivery in the whole NSR. Priority 1 - Building on our Capacity for Innovation Area of Intervention 1.2 Building the transnational dimension of clusters and research and innovation networks
20.04.2009 - 20.07.2009
The transnational working method (pooling expertise, joint model development) is proposed to equip decision-makers to achieve further innovation in the delivery of e-enabled public services.
Expected Outcomes
- Build e-service platform with the potential to be shared across the NSR in the domain of service-delivery, wireless service and take-up services,
- Innovative e-public services, such as jointly pilot new services channels, blue-tooth services for public transport, online forms in mobile phones and wireless city services,
- Developing common interface standards and practical indicators and management instruments to survey and guarantee e-service delivery,
- Co-design public mobile services aimed at efficiency, cost-saving and participation with attention for e-inclusion,
- A Network of North Sea e-Government leaders and an academic and research network.

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