Northern Maritime University
01.01.2008 - 30.06.2012
Hjelle, Harald M.
Høgskolen i Molde
Tlf.: +47 71 21 42 41
E-post: harald.hjelle@himolde.no
Norsk prosjekteier:

Høgskolen i Molde

Transport Research Institute, Edinburgh Napier University
Øvrige partnere:
- Transport Research Institute, Napier University (lead partner)
- University of Applied Sciences Kiel
- University of Applied Sciences Lübeck oncampus
- Molde University College
- University of Gothenburg
- Jacobs University Bremen
- University of Southern Denmark
- Swedish Environmental Institute
- University of Applied Sciences Bremen
- Pantrak Transportation Limited
- dsn - Projekte und Studien fuer Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft (Project Management Team)
The Northern Maritime University is a research project funded by the EU-Interreg IVB North Sea Programme, having the global objective to build up a strong transnational network of universities in the North Sea Region (NSR) which intensively and continuously integrates relevant stakeholders from the maritime business sector.

1 - Building on our Capacity for Innovation
Area of Intervention
1.1 Building the innovation capacity of businesses

During the development phases, the project "Northern Maritime University" aims to:

- Strengthen the maritime business sector and to increase its capacity for innovation within the North Sea Region;
- Contribute significantly to enhance the innovation capacities of the maritime industry in providing multidisciplinary qualification offerings.
- Exploit the likely future growth potential in the fields of short sea shipping (SSS), port operations and global maritime transport and related industries (e.g. logistics services);
- Strengthen the competitiveness of the industry and services sector and to step up efforts in the areas of industrial policy and the service market;
- Contribute to sustainable development of the growing maritime transport business sector especially in terms of environmental protection;
- Strengthen the competitiveness of the European education industry in the maritime business sector in comparison to global competitors and removing obstacles for labour, academic and student mobility.