Innovative Foresight Planning for Business Development
01.06.2008 - 30.06.2011
Høiland, Nina Othilie
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Greater Stavanger Economic Development AS

Greater Stavanger Economic Development AS
Øvrige partnere:
Innovation Norway
SpareBank 1 SR-Bank
NAV Rogaland
Confederation of Norw. Enterprise, NHO Rogaland
Landsorganisasjonen i Norge, Rogaland
Business Adminisration College BI Stavanger
Vest-Agder County Council

Region Central Denmark

Gesellschaft für Technologieförderung Itzehoe mbH

The Netherlands
Province of Drenthe
Province of Friesland
Province of Groningen
Chamber of Commerce
N.V. NOM Investerings- en Ontwikkelingsmaatschappij voor Noord-Nederland

United Kingdom
Scottish Enterprise
IFP establishes a transnational framework of cooperation to systematically tackle challenges regarding the competitiveness of regions in the NSR in the global economy. Foresight Planning is used as a method not only to link regions and selected clusters transnationally and plan for joint actions in the future, but also to find solutions tailor-made for the regions facing challenges related to the shift of the industrial base (decline, transition, and growth).
1 - Building on our Capacity for Innovation
Area of Intervention:
1.2 Building the transnational dimension of clusters and research and innovation networks.

Key elements of the transnational project methodology are the assessment of the present economic situation, the pooling of experience and good practice, and the design of forward-looking strategies and concrete action plans based on applied Foresight Planning processes to build capacity for innovation. The public sector is considered a key partner to facilitate the processes of innovation, internationalisation, and creation of critical mass in the NSR.
Expected Outcomes
- Implementation of transnational Innovative Foresight Planning for businesses and business clusters for transnational means of future planning,
- Business development in four clusters (Food, Energy, Advanced Technology and Financial Services),
- On-line policy tool-box:
To evaluate and assess interventions within foresight planning framework and cluster co-operation activities embedded within regional and transnational policy networks,
- As a hub to connect clusters, businesses and public agents on a regional and transnational level.

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