Climate changing soils
01.10.2009 - 31.10.2013
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Provincie Groningen, The Netherlands
Rob Roggema
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Universiteit Gent
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EV Institute for Agricultural and Fisheries Research
Riso DTU National Laboratory for sustainable energy
BioForsk Norwegian Institute for Agricultural and Environmental Research
Uppsala University, Department Eardt Sciences, LUVAL
Provincie Groningen
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Nutrient Management Institute
Alterra B.V.
HAWK, Hochschule fur Angewandte Wissenschaft Und Kunst
University of Edinburgh
Scottish Crop Research Institute
The project concerns BioChar (BC), which is a product of biomass-to-energy processing systems, and has as its aim in raising awareness and building confidence in BC as a way of capturing carbon and increasing soil quality and stability. In order to keep up with international competition it is mandatory to develop and compile a transnational NSR knowledge base which can be utilized by national and regional authorities, businesses and the general public.

2 - Promoting the Sustainable Management of our Environment
Area of Intervention
2.3 Adapting to and reducing risks posed to society and nature by a changing climate

The aim of the project is to develop, implement and disseminate the Biochar-strategy in the North Sea Region (NSR) for climate change adaptation and climate change mitigation by increasing soil quality and stability with soil BioChar (BC)amendments. This project has three clear targets (work packages):
1. Implementation of biochar knowledge dissemination strategies for authorities, producers and end-users of biochar
2. Transnational development and compilation of knowledge base and methodological standards
3. Transnational development and compilation of knowledge base and methodological standards on Biochar applications.

Expected Outcomes
- Joint development and implementation of knowledge and methodological standards on biochar feedstocks, logistics and production.
- Joint development and implementation of methodological standards on biochar applications for soil quality and fertility improvement.
- Joint development and implementation of biochar knowledge dissemination strategy for authorities, producers and end-users of biochar.
- Establishment of a Biochar competence centre in each NSR country.
- Regional and national policy influence on implementation of biochar use in soils.

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