Trans in Form (TiF)

Transforming rural regions by launching scenarios, new narratives and attractive urban design. The project mission is to introduce competitive development concepts for rural regions and smaller towns and cities. The Leipzig Charter gives direction for redesigning regions identity. Face lifting of public spaces is one important aspect. TiF will accompany this by the creation of scenarios and New Narratives, and the elaboration of planning tools that take into consideration that ordinary citizens, SME’s and NGO’s are important planning partners when dealing with attractiveness. New Narrative originates from change and are the drivers of change. Once born, they define society and identity, because they are the cumulative repositories of ideas.
17.09.2009 - 16.09.2012
Moen, Bjørn Frode
Notodden kommune
Tlf.: +47 35015150 / Mob.: +47 97053420
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Notodden kommune

Notodden kommune
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Indre Østfold regionråd
Regional Planning Authority Havelland-Flaeming
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Jelgava Local Municipality
Alytus County Governor's Administration
TiF will elaborate an Attractivity Barometer as a tool for analyzing the situation in all regions, further look at regional scenarios and perspectives, population and labour market (SME’s) measured against lessons learned in LEADER+, findings done in ESPON research and "Regions 2020". TiF will make a toolbox for Regional Scenario Planning and guidelines for New Narratives and story telling. Project will encourage competitiveness and growth, as well as reducing disparities within and among neighbourhoods. TiF will study best practise and produce regional face lifting plans for all partners and further do an investment pilot, evaluated by partners and professionals that can demonstrate a possible way of redesigning and create more interaction in public spaces. We will also, as part of the New Narratives, establish an infopackage “Roadmap to Highlights in Rural BSR”. This information will be the result from workshops for the elaboration of joint marketing packages.