BlueGreen Coastal Energy Community
01.06.2008 - 31.05.2012
Moldøen, Nils
Ryfylke IKS
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Ryfylke IKS

COAST Centre for Environment and Sustainable Development Research
University of Oldenburg, Germany
Gerard McGovern
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Innovatum Technology Park
Northumberland College
CBMI Innovation Centre for Bionergy and Environmental Technology
The project focuses on strengthening the regional production of biomass as a source of bio energy. A substantiated and consolidated investment plan based on commercially viable bio-energy supply chains will be presented and implemented. The business model will be applied in parallel to differentiated blue-green energy clusters in the NSR Region and ensure transfer of management expertise between the clusters and identify market interdependences, thereby contributing to their joint co-operative success.

Priority: 2 - Promoting the Sustainable Management of our Environment

The aim is to enable the successful further exploitation of the NSR Region's blue-green low carbon energy sources by integrating the biomass grower at one end and the energy producer at the other end. Pilot projects on the optimisation of the supply chain will be carried out. ENERcoast will thereby open new sources of bio energy, reduce the regional dependency of energy imports and increase the competitiveness of regional energy producers and to ensure their income on a long run.
Expected Outcomes
- A North Sea bio energy market network including operative bio energy supply chains,
- Cross-national adoption of partner solutions via the business model,
- Implementation of development agendas through commercial mobilisation of bio-energy resources for the NSR,
- Business model: business optimization strategies and investment plans for bio-energy infrastructure in regions,
- Bio energy supply chains analysis and mobilization strategies.

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